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Flubber Dust

Oil Lift‘s Genuine Flubber Dust is designed to absorbs oil, grease and fat while removing odors from a variety of surfaces. It simultaneously cleans the affected surface and provides temporary anti-slip relief. Our formulation can be heated in the sun to break down the absorbed oil and be reused over and over again. The active biological agents in Oil Lift’s Flubber Dust attach themselves to oil and naturelly biodegrade contaminates. To use the product, simply sprinkle on oils, fats and/or greases and let it sit to absorb. Then, sweep it up and place it in the sun to break down the oil and reuse it repeatedly. By utilizing Oil Lift Flubber Dust , You can absorb oil and grease and return your affected surface to its natural state.


Mark Hi Kevin, We received the Oil Lift during the week no problems and have just cleaned our decking. All I can say is what a fantastic product, the deck just sparkles. The deck was pretty messy and slimy because of trees around it and a family of 6 using it all summer. We diluted […]


What is the appropriate dilution rate for Oil Lift,  Download full dilution  Recommended Usage (pdf) What makes the Oil Lift™ cleaning technology unique apart from its performance? Oil Lift™ is made from Organic Hydrocarbons (plants) as oppose to Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Oil). Currently the bulk of the cleaning products and solvent market products are made from […]

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More on youtube channel Watch this short video and find out how we can help you save money, get better cleaning results and save the aquatic world. VIDEO Video 1: HOW PROFESSIONALS REMOVE OIL FROM PARKING LOTS OIL SPILL CLEAN UP AT CANADIAN TIRE LANGLEY BC WITH OIL LIFT™ AND FLUBBER DUST™ Video-1-Case-Study (pdf) […]

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Oil Lift is a green cleaner that aims to save the oceans by providing an alternative to toxic cleaners and solvents while also capturing oil spill pollution. The company’s mission is to preserve and clean the environment by supplying customers with environmentally responsible and effective cleaning products. Oil Lift’s goal is to generate long-term customer […]