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Flubber Dust

Oillift Flubber Dust Oil Lift‘s Genuine Flubber Dust absorbs oil, grease and fat while removing odors from a variety of surfaces. Flubber Dust simultaneously cleans the […]

Bundle Offer Oil Lift Stain Remover and Flubber Dust

Oil Stain Remover From Driveway and Flubber Dust   Choose Oillift Oil Remover From Concrete when you need industrial strength cleaning results without the toxic side effects. […]

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Save the Oceans Inc.   Oillift made by Save the Oceans Inc. was designed to be the ultimate green cleaner . Our mission is to Save [...]


What is the appropriate dilution rate for (xxx)? Download full dilution schedule here.Download our full dilution schedule HERE   What makes the Oil Lift™ cleaning technology [...]